Thursday Dinner Menus for September 2012

Happy People Eat At Indulgence Cafe

These are the delicious menus that are lined up for Thursday Night Dinners at Indulgence Cafe…………make sure we have your booking early

For the moment, whilst our license is pending, you are welcome to bring your own alcohol

Thursday September Menu

6 Sept
Sweetcorn chowder with home-baked mini loaf bread
Beef Fillet in puff pastry parcels with mushroom sauce, separate
Mashed potato
Mussels in spicy Thai peanut satay gravy served with jasmine rice, top with basil and coriander
Tofu baked in vine leaves with fresh oregano and served with lemon wedges
Warm chocolate sponge pudding and berries

13 Sept
Grilled brown mushroom filled with spinach and feta topped with mozzarella & home-baked roll
Butternut pasta pillows topped with bolognaise sauce and blue cheese crumbled
Baby chickens stuffed with lemon and herb, boiled buttery baby potatoes, chopped parsley, sweet corn fritters
Tofu and peanut stir fry with vegetables and jasmine rice
Open apple and caramel pizzas with thick cream on the side

20 Sept
Avocado half filled with Waldorf salad
Roast pork belly with chunky apple sauce, crusty roast potatoes
Seared salmon with lemony minty salsa Verde, julienned vegetables, brown rice and lentils
Mushroom pie topped with puff crust, mashed potatoes
Bananas, pineapple and marshmallows with separate choc sauce

27 Sept
Fresh asparagus tartlet
Good old fashioned roast beef and Yorkshire puddings, roast giant potato
Chicken and vegetable stir fry with sesame seeds, jasmine rice soy and lime
Brinjal steaks with sauce
Mini trifles with sherry

We cannot wait to feed you!