Lamb on a Spit

This Week at Indulgence Cafe

Hello Everybody 🙂
I strolled back into work today after two consecutive days off which was absolutely delicious I have to say! The downside is that now I need to scramble to get this information to you before it is too late and you wander off elsewhere!
Thursday dinners are going along fabulously but I still need to keep telling you that we are open Thursday evenings for a little while so that you don’t forget………………ever!
The menu changes from week to week, is just R100 and of course whilst our liquor license is pending you are welcome to bring along your own alcohol with NO corkage

This week’s menu:
20 Sept
Avocado half, filled with Waldorf salad
Roast pork belly with chunky apple sauce, crusty roast potatoes
Seared salmon with lemony minty salsa Verde, julienned vegetables, brown rice and lentils
Mushroom pie topped with puff crust, mashed potatoes
Bananas, pineapple and marshmallows with separate choc sauce……..

Of course this is a long week end coming up crowned with Heritage Day on Monday the 24th and we have planned an absolutely fabulous feast for you with some incredible, incredible, incredible jazz by the Peter Auret Trio! They played here for their dinner one Thursday night and they were such a smash hit that I knew we just had to have them here again! So they will be here and there will be yummy, delicious and stunning lamb on the spit to eat, with chicken and a vegetarian option and salads and, and, and…….
Join us! R140 a head, kids under 10 are free
It is fabulous way to spend this week’s bonus day off!

The newsletter will come out next week, just watch your inbox 🙂

Love ‘n Lollipops

The Lollipop Monthly September 2012

This is yours truly with the very enigmatic John Connolly

Greetings and Salutations Spring Bunnies 🙂

Is the bounce back in your step? Are the blossoms on the trees? I know I was looking at the cutest puppies the other day thinking hmmmmmmm, do I feel like getting another dog, so it must be SPRINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, bounce, bounce, bounce. I am a little springy today! I still think there may well be a little more cold snapping at our heels before winter releases its grip completely but boing, boing, boing, bounce, bounce, bounce is definitely knocking on the shutters demanding to be let in!

We had some really awesome Bloody Book Week events here in association with Jenny & Co, and the Sunday Times. I managed to get my piccie taken with all of them, Mark Gimenez, Andrew Brown, John Connolly and the man himself Jeffery Deaver. I have to say that they were fun, funny, great to listen to and the whole experience was incredible fun and very entertaining! You know, now I get to say, my friend Jeffery in name drop fashion. Strangely enough the one I really enjoyed the most was our own home grown Cape Town advocate, Andrew Brown. He is very special, he chatted to Mark Gimenez superbly and he talks like a Safrican or maybe I just like our local boys more because local is very lekker! Have posted pictures to the blog to please follow the link to see it all in its Bloody Book Week glory! There are even videos that will go up on our YouTube account…………… some point

This is moi with Jeffery Deaver

John Connolly being interviewed by journalist Victor Dlamini

Mark Gimenez wowing the audience

Signing books and taking it all in their stride, Andrew Brown and Mark Gimenez

I would love to tell you this newsletter is going to be short and sweet but it isn’t and it won’t be but I will try. Just think, the blog version is even longer but it is much prettier hahahahahahah

The Calendar: September
1st Spring Day and AuthorTalk
6th Dinner at Indulgence
13th Dinner at Indulgence
20th Dinner at Indulgence
24th Heritage Day Lamb on a Spit
27th Dinner at Indulgence

Spring Day 1st September Lunch & AuthorTalk
We have combined a fabulous spring day lunch with an emerging superstar author who has just won the prestigious UJ Debut Book Literary Award! So on Saturday the 1st of September join us for a stunning light 3 course lunch and meet Terry Westby-Nunn author of Sea of Wise Insects.
There will be leis, streamers and pretty flowers in abundance……………….join us, celebrate spring!

The cover of Sea of Wise Insects by Terry Westby-Nunn

About the Book & the Author:
A remarkable and gripping tale with shades of Jeanette Winterson and
JM Coetzee, Sea of Wise Insects’ exquisite prose is a delight.
Fate has it in for the oddball loner secretary Alice Wolfe. Not only has
she lost her dog, Pluto, her husband-to-be, Ralph, and a finger, but she’s
about to lose her freedom.
Her body is covered in scars from accidents over the years, and everyone
she’s ever loved has mysteriously disappeared. She claims she’s a magnet
for bad luck. But others see her as a brooding misfit with a missing finger,
a borderline cutter, a stitched-up freak show. Following the death of her
brother’s beautiful, superficial fiancée, Veronica, in a sinister car accident
on Table Mountain, Alice is arrested. As the trial hurtles towards her,
Alice interrogates her past. What could her memories of the macabre
Hotel Tisca in London, where she fell in love with her enigmatic ex-fiancé
Ralph, have to do with Veronica’s death? What is Alice’s family hiding?
Where are Ralph and her brother Andrew – and what really happened
to her dog Pluto? Do the answers lie in a chilling, badly-written novella,
‘The Sea of Wise Insects’, which Alice is convinced Ralph wrote? Or
will Alice’s journey through her warped memory world – an offbeat
landscape of betrayal, love, luck, secrets, mutilation and death – really be
able to shed any light on her dark past?
Terry Westby-Nunn spends most of her time directing, filming,
editing, scripting, writing and walking up mountains. She has made
documentaries, short films, music videos, video art and has written
several poems. She lives in Cape Town.
She holds the following degrees:
A Bachelor of Journalism, specializing in Television and Film, from
Rhodes University (1994)
A Master’s in Creative Writing from the University of Cape Town (2009)
FB event:


Coffee Talk
I haven’t chatted about coffee plungers for ages but we got in this delicious French roast which is rich and robust, come and try a plunger out @ R28, there is enough coffee in each one for 3 cups. Definitely worth the price and the indulgence!

Dinner At Indulgence

Dinner at Indulgence

Our Thursday dinners are really picking up nicely and I know we are going to rock for the summer. The menus for September are up and available on the blog, so click the link and it will take you straight there to have a look. Very shortly our new website will be back up for you to peruse and all the links to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the blog will be on there as well! We had a record crowd for dinner this past Thursday so booking is really essential as we only cook what we need. Soon our liquor license will be here and we will be able to offer you wine paired to your meal or an interesting beer! Just watch this space for news! Below are menus for the first two weeks of September ………….
6 Sept
Sweetcorn chowder with home-baked mini loaf bread
Beef Fillet in puff pastry parcels with mushroom sauce, separate
Mashed potato
Mussels in spicy Thai peanut satay gravy served with jasmine rice, top with basil and coriander
Tofu baked in vine leaves with fresh oregano and served with lemon wedges
Warm chocolate sponge pudding and berries

13 Sept
Grilled brown mushroom filled with spinach and feta topped with mozzarella & home-baked roll
Butternut pasta pillows topped with bolognaise sauce and blue cheese crumbled
Baby chickens stuffed with lemon and herb, boiled buttery baby potatoes, chopped parsley, sweet corn fritters
Tofu and peanut stir fry with vegetables and jasmine rice
Open apple and caramel pizzas with thick cream on the side …………

The Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana

Jewish New Year
The Jewish New Year is rolling back around and as always out pantry will be groaning with food for you to take home for the night of the 16th of September. It is a Sunday so we would ask you to collect your goodies on the Saturday afternoon so you are ready and raring to go.
We have everything from chopped herring and kichel to chopped liver and chicken soup. So if you would like a price list or to place an order please pop me a mail and I will send one to you.
Let me take this opportunity to wish all our Jewish clients a very sweet new year and well over the fast.
Click here for the link to the price list on the blog:

The Peter Auret Trio playing their hearts out at Indulgence one Thursday Night

Heritage Day 24 September
Celebrate Heritage Day with us in perfect Braai style with another fabulous South African tradition, a lamb on a spit combined with some live music to while away the afternoon. There will be loads of delicious nummies to eat, spring salads, delicious desserts and tender and juicy lamb in abundance with mint jelly! Delicious! As always we will cater for the vegetarians amongst us with something absolutely delicious as well. Booking essential so I know if I should supersize the lamb or not! Am hoping to book this absolutely fabulous 3 piece jazz band or some other form of music for you. All in all it should be an ab fab day! The cost per head is R140
FB event:

Having fun at Indulgence

Next month at Indulgence:
October brings us hopefully a liquor license, the new websites all up and running properly, a talk by SASSI on fish sustainability, an AuthorTalk, the quarterly Fetish and Kink Flea market and of course, the scary holiday……….Halloween! A jam packed as always!

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