MAYbe I will & MAYbe I won’t 2012

Hello, Hello, Hello Everybody!! (My Redi Thlabi impersonation)…………and welcome to my show!

How is that post-Easter egg binge diet coming on? I had an interesting Easter, in fact I didn’t even know it was Easter because I celebrated it in Israel which is not a Christian country, so no Easter eggs. However mum got me a couple of cute ones to come home to, so craving sorted and ermmm, the diet thing sort of back in place!

At the end of this post I have put in a number of images from my stay in Israel. A whole bunch of them are food……….I wonder why. Israel is a beautiful country. It is shown to the world in a harsh light, its policies appear to be harsh but its very survival depends on some of those policies. It is a tough nation that survives and prospers surrounded on all sides by enemies. I take my hat off to the the Israelis amongst whom the majority of my family reside. Shalom, a greeting and the word for peace all wrapped up in one beautiful word.

I went to the Jeffrey Archer book launch at Skoobs, Monte Casino and it was fabulous. Wonderful to meet the man himself. He is a bit of a whack job but that is okay, he was in good company! Hahahaha (Apologies for the fuzzy image at the top!)

His books are a runaway success, the man is a success story in the extreme and a raconteur of note but I have to admit (to you and no one else, so keep it quiet) that I haven’t actually read a Jeffrey Archer book since I was about 15; one or two years ago! Of course I bought the latest one not realizing until the talk was well underway that it is book two in a series of 5. Boy am I in trouble now  if you get my meaning!

We have public holidays in abundance coming up shortly so I want to get the April/May newsletter out as early as possible. Our first exciting event being on the 1st of May! Yes, I know it is a Tuesday and I know it is a public holiday. That is the exact reason it is on May Day…………..because some of us ARE working!

What’s happening you are wondering? (well, I hope you are!)

Calendar May 2012

1st SKA talk by Cecilia Van Der Merwe @ 10am

12th AuthorTalk by Sandile Memela

13th Mother’s Day………… cooking for mum at home, sorry but you’re not invited

26th Bubbles for Blanket drive @ 2pm

@Indulgence May 2012

SKA Talk with Cecilia Van Der Merwe 

If you haven’t been asleep for the past 6 months or so you will have all the talk of the Square Kilometer Array, a radio telescope, that South Africa is bidding against Australia to host. On the 1st of May at 10am we are having a talk by Cecilia Van Der Merwe, the one person in SA, in my humble opinion, who is totally clued up on the SKA and all that it involves. So come and join us. The talk is no charge, you don’t need to bring anything along except yourselves and it promises to be a fascinating experience. The added advantage being you will walk away knowing a whole lot more that you did before you arrived

Who is Cecilia Van Der Merwe you are thinking, here is a brief bio written by herself:

I studied mechanical engineering at the University of Pretoria, graduated in 2005. Joined the SKA South Africa team in 2009 and was put into the “Site Bid” team. From 2009 to end 2011 I worked on South Africa’s proposal to host the SKA telescope – I was responsible for and wrote the chapter on “Provision of Electrical Power for the SKA telescope” in South Africa’s bid documents. Once South Africa’s bid was in, I joined the “MeerKAT Infrastructure” team. We’re now building the infrastructure required by MeerKAT, and I’m involved in all the various electrical power infrastructure work that is going on.
Outside of office hours you can find me working on my master’s degree in renewable energy or terrorizing my two kittens. I live in Parktown with my fiancé.
short and sweet! So if you are interested please join us. The full menu will be available on the day. We will also run a coffee/tea and scone special at R30. Can’t think of a better way to finish off the long weekend and head back into the working week!

For the FB event


May’s AuthorTalk on the 12th  is by Sandile Memela, author of His Master’s Voice, published in October of 2011. The AuthorTalk will begin at 2pm. Please remember to bring along your two books, one to swap and one to donate. We have some nice boxes of books already so I am quite impressed!

“Controversial Department of Arts and Culture mandarin Sandile Memela has produced a scathing attack on South Africa’s black writers, accusing the likes of Zakes Mda, Moeletsi Mbeki, William Gumede, Jacob Dlamini and others of pandering to white interests and holding back South Africa’s development into a truly just society with views that are “far too reactionary, simple and predictable – especially from blacks with PhDs””               Books Live

The author, Sandile Memela – journalist, novelist, cultural critic and polemicist – is one of South Africa’s well-known journalists and intellectually provocative writers.

At present, Memela is a civil servant in the Department of Arts & Culture where he heads the marketing & public relations unit. Previously, he was the Spokesperson (2006 – 2009) for the Ministry of Arts & Culture under Dr Z. Pallo Jordan. His Master’s Voice is Memela’s second book which will be published by Geko Publishing. The first book was Flowers of the Nation (Kwa-Zulu Natal University Press, 2005.) He has also contributed short stories to Soweto Inside Out (Zebra Press, 2004) and Crossing Over (Kwela Books, 1994.)

A well-known journalist and public intellectual, he is a frequent commentary contributor and serial letter writer to The Star, Business Day, The Argus, Mail& Guardian, Sowetan, Pretoria News, The Argus, City Press and Sunday Sun, to name a few.

He has served as Acting Editor for the Sunday World from October 2003 to October 2004.

Before that he was an Assistant Editor and Columnist of ‘Mamelang,’ a no-holds-barred opinion feature leader which explored social, cultural and political topics.

Memela was the founding editor of the Entertainment and Lifestyle Supplement called Hola from 1999 to 2004.

He was awarded the Arts & Culture Journalist of the Year Prize in 1999. Also, in the same year, he was presented with the Most Outstanding Contribution to the Promotion of the Arts Prize by the Gauteng Provincial Government.

Before joining the Sunday World, Memela was Assistant Editor: Insight & Features at City Press and was a columnist who wrote ‘Mind blast,’ a provocative and controversial ‘must read’ political column that explored the evolution of a new, democratic society.

He also served as Showbiz Editor, where he was widely acknowledged as a leading commentator on cultural issues.

Most notably, he was awarded the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship in 1997/98 to the University of Maryland where he spent a year enhancing his knowledge and understanding of the role of the arts in society.

In 1992, he was selected to attend a year-long course on editorial management at the University of Wales, Cardiff.

In 2000, Memela was awarded the Clive Mennel Fellowship which allowed him to spend three months sabbatical at Duke University, South Carolina.

Memela is a Communications graduate of Fort Hare University. He holds a post-graduate in Journalism from Stellenbosch University.

He lives in Midrand, South Africa.

For the Sowetan’s review :

For the FB event :

Bubbles for Blankets  

Our final event for the month of May! On the 26th at 2pm we are, in collaboration with the Twitter Blanket Drive hosting an event to collect as many blankets for the needy as possible. So please join us in tasting a whole bunch of delicious sparkling wine. The price of entry to the event is a blanket or 3. Come drink bubbly, mix with a whole bunch of really interesting and really wacky people and have a fabulous afternoon. I am going to try for a little live music but I’m not promising at this point!

The event starts at 2pm and goes on till around 5.30pm, dress warm as it is going to be a little chilly in the late afternoon but the bubbly and some heaters will keep you warm. The more the merrier so please come along and support this very worthy cause!

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Autumn colours beckon, April 2011

Hello, hello, hello Everybody

 Hope that this email finds you in good spirits, hale, hearty and full of the joys of life! I am starting to sound like a stuck record but can you believe with the arrival of April we are already a quarter of the way through the year?! I can’t! I mean do I need to be thinking about what stock to get in for Christmas already? Speaking of stock, we will soon be cooking up some awesome soups for the winter months that we will keep frozen for you to pick up anytime you like! However I am getting a tad ahead of myself at the moment so let me start at the beginning! This is going to be a long newsy newsletter, so grab a cup of coffee with a nice shot of something in it, put your feet up and kick back and relax!

April @Indulgence

 This is a busy month with so many public holidays to get through. It is going to make it a little confusing knowing when we are open and when we are closed, so before I go any further let me lay it all out for you! Unusually we will be CLOSED the entire Easter week end that is the 22nd, 23rd , 24th and 25th of April. Every other regular trading day we are open! Simple

Whilst on the subject of Easter……the big white bunny with the floppy ears and bushy tail has promised to have all the eggs in this basket by the 4th of April so pop in and have a look at what we have, I promise there will be a few different ones from the norm, big ones, small ones and something to fit every budget! April also brings us the Jewish holiday of Pesach and as usual we will have all the food in store that you are going to need!

Have a look at the list below and let me know what we can make for you! Please order well in advance so I know exactly how much fish to mince, taigels to boil and herrings to pickle! Please remember this is Jewish food but not kosher! You are welcome to phone the order in or email me! First night is Monday 18th April. Indulgence will be open right through Pesach.

Pesach 2011 price list


Chopped herring R100.00 per kilo

Danish herring R100.00 per kilo

Dill mayo herring R100.00 per kilo

Herring in cream and pineapple R100.00 per kilo

Pickled fish R95.00 per kilo

Pickled fish balls R95.00 per kilo

Fish balls, plain R80.00 per kilo

Fish cakes R80.00 per kilo

 Gefilte fish R100.00 per kilo

 Baked gefilte fish loaf R100.00 per kilo

Chopped liver R95.00 per kilo

Chicken soup R50.00 per liter

Kneidlach R7.00 each

Curried butternut soup R50.00 per liter

Roast chicken R45 per chicken

Roast leg of lamb R205.00 per kilo

Roast potatoes R4.50 each

Potato latkes R7.00 each

Chocolate brownie cake, dairy and flour free, 8 slice R120.00

Orange cake, dairy and flour free, 8 slice R120.00

Meringue and fresh berry roulade, dairy free R185.00

Taiglach R130 per kilo

 Author Talks!!

Yip, there are two of them this month!!! How exciting is that! We figured that seeing as there are some days to spare this month and you may not have anything else planned we would spoil you!! The first Author Talk is April 9th with Tom Cottrell whose book, “5 hour Pilgrim”, has a lovely tale to tell of his monumental promise to himself to run a marathon on every continent in his 50th year! I am, as you may have noticed, not a runner but even I loved this book (yes, for once I have read the book ahead of the time!) You don’t have to be a runner or sporty to enjoy this book, it is an easy read and inspirational as well. We may even have a surprise visit from Bruce Fordyce for this talk, you just never know! As always please be seated by 14h30 for the author to start at 15h00 promptly. Please, as always, remember to bring along your two books, one to donate and one to swap!

How do you measure personal success? After reading this book, your definition will change forever.

This is a story of life; a search for meaning. Tom Cottrell spends his fiftieth year on a personal pilgrimage, running a marathon on every continent. His quest – the growth of his Soul. The standard marathon is made up of twenty miles of hope followed by six miles of truth. Join the Five Hour Pilgrim’s marathon effort as he discovers his own Spirit. Tom Cottrell was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Renowned for his best-loved annual The Runners’ Guide to Road Races in South Africa, he has inspired hundreds of athletes at all levels to achieve their goals. Tom is chairman of Hospice-in-the-West.

What the critics say – “Tom Cottrell writes with raw honesty about events and feelings that most of us try to suppress, much less express in public. His philosophy of goodness and indestructible optimism has been forged by hardship that began before his birth. This is a story of a life lived to the full. A life without the need for excuses. Not now. Not ever.” Professor Tim Noakes, University of Cape Town and Sports Science Institute of South Africa.

Author of Lore of Running “Husbandhood, fatherhood, Southafricanism, travelogue, success and failure and which is which, a pinch of Gibran and a dash of Descartes … Tom turns his runner’s eyes to a startlingly wide world, and records it with unveiled pen. ” Denis Beckett, Award-winning author, publisher, TV producer “Tom writes and runs in the heartbeat of every moment. The reader runs with him”

Dr Dorian Haarhoff, former Professor of English Literature, University of Namibia. Writer, mentor, poet, storyteller. Author of The Writer’s Voice.

Then because I love all of you sooooooo much on Freedom Day, Wednesday, April 27th Diana Duff will be joining us with her book, Leaves From the Fig tree. I have read an excerpt from the book and I loved reading it and my brain in crying out for more! Diana is a very entertaining speaker so come and join us on the 27th for these lovely extra event! This talk is starting earlier! So please be seated by 13h30 for the author to start promptly at 14h00! This is an hour earlier than usual so please remember that and it is on Wednesday, not Saturday!!

About Diana Duff………………….. Born in Africa but Irish by descent, Diana Duff went to live, aged two, with her grandparents in a Georgian stately home, Annes Grove, set in world-renowned gardens. Enveloped by this rich tapestry, her world seemed magical – the Judas tree reputed to flower only on Good Friday; rare rhododendrons from Tibet; a Chinese coffin tree and blue meconopsis poppies – with talk of horses and fishing juxtaposed with tales of banshees, ráths and the foxy-haired ghost, visits from Elizabeth Bowen, Vita Sackville-West, David Cecil and many others. Aged 18, she returned to Africa to a father she scarcely knew; to Ruanda and Uganda; to crystal lakes and forest gorillas; to Kenya, where she met the legendary Grogan and Raymond Hook who raced cheetahs in Haringay; where she doubled for Grace Kelly in Mogambo; a transfer to Johannesburg, where she challenged the authorities at the height of apartheid – and emerged victorious. With humour, eloquence, empathy and candour, Diana shares her adventures and her arrival at a place from her childhood, where family truths are learned, along with the realisation that Africa has real magic all of its own.

Our biscuit shelves are groaning under the weight of some really yum goodies, there are potted peaches in brandy, potted apricots in brandy, plums in port, jams, preserves and other what-nots like olive oil, salt and pepper, teas and awesome hand bags from Mexico and Easter eggs on the way! Come shopping please, the bank manager is asking very nicely! We have loads of lovely stock in at the moment so we look forward to seeing you soon!

Indulgence has also just had a facelift bit of a nip and tuck with a hint of a Botox injection so she is looking really lovely at the moment. The patio is at its most warm and welcoming even with the lousy weather that we are having and Amiga is missing you if she hasn’t seen you lately so just pop in and say HI!

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 April 1st April : April Fools Friday!

9th Author Talk Tom Cottrell

18th Pesach first night

22nd-24th Easter week end (closed)

27th Author Talk Diana Duff Next month

@Indulgence Author talk with Joanne Richards and of course its our Mother’s Day lunch 

One final parting incy wincey little note, we would like to wish all our Jewish customers, friends and family a very happy Pesach, Chag Sameach and everything of the best and to our Christian customers and our staff we wish you a very Happy Easter filled with lots of love and family and really, really good food.

As always if you would prefer not to receive these newsletters then please just send me a mail with “unsubscribe” in the subject line!

Remember to be nice to yourself

Love ‘n Lollipops

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