This Week at Indulgence Cafe and other good news!

Hello All you Fabulous People
Yes, it is me again! Sorry…………well not really but I am trying to be a leeetttlllleeeeeee sorry for continually popping up like this 

Am coming off my high after having met and hosted at Indulgence café 4 incredible authors, local boy made good Andrew Brown, Mark Gimenez, John Connolly and Jeffery Deaver. We had two very special events and if you were not here you really did miss out. Wait till next year is all I can say on that subject, but in the meantime ………….

On Thursday, Woman’s Day and a PUBLIC HOLIDAY we are going out on a limb or rather a horn in this instance and we do request your company at 10am. Come and spend the morning with is as we talk Rhinos! 300 odd have been lost to date this year. Help us to raise awareness and raise a little money as well. Vanessa Bezuidenhout of the Endangered Wildlife Trust will be talking about rhinos, mummies and orphans, Dr Kevin Semper will be talking stats, hunting, dehorning and other nitty-gritty bits and your very own ME will do a brief talk on Lawrence Anthony and his work. His book, The Last Rhino will be available for sale. Unfortunately however, if you want him to sign it you are going to have to pay the ferry man to get you to the other side as he passed away a few months ago 
We will have on show and for sale magnificent ceramics by Ann Rimbault, paintings and rhino art from a couple of local artists and at least 50% of the proceeds will go to rhino conservation. You have my word on that!
We will follow the talks with a breakfasty brunchy delicious meal. This whole morning will cost the princely sum of R80 and is for an incredibly good cause so please let me know if you are coming…………….and you might even get to see some of the Miss Earth finalists; failing which I will put on a bikini and stilettos for you (not bloody likely hahahahaha)

From the August newsletter, have amended the P word to something a little less risqué:
“Now about that Unicorn …..oops, horn
South Africa’s very own Unicorn is under attack. Our Rhinos are being poached to the point of extinction for their incredible horns. Help us contribute, in some small way, towards the conservation efforts that are being made by some very heroic organizations and people just like you and me. How can you do this? Come and spend Women’s Day with us. We are hosting an event that is open to everyone, except poachers at 10am on the 9th of August to raise awareness and hopefully to raise some money that we can contribute to the conservation of these incredibly majestic, almost prehistoric looking animals. This is a big event for us, we would like to make some small impact and do some good in any way we can.
We will have Vanessa Bezuidenhout from the Endangered Wildlife Trust as a guest speaker. Hopefully someone from the Lawrence Anthony Foundation will be here as well to chat about his book, The Last Rhino, a wildlife vet and possibly a surprise guest speaker as well. There will be incredible ceramic pots from ceramic artist Anne Rimbault, paintings, drawings and other rhino bits and pieces for sale. A huge chunk of the proceeds of these sales will go to the EWT so please dig deep and bring those credit cards to the party and go shopping! We will bring lunch to your table as well for the princely sum of R80 for two courses! The Lawrence Anthony book will also be on sale on the day.
Bookings pretty please. The event starts at 10am and ends around lunch time and is a public holiday so you can sit and chill with us……………..”

Rhino talk

Please note that we will NOT be open for dinner on Thursday 9 August but we will be back 16th!