Did you Say Coffee???


So, I was sitting down to write an article about coffee and wondering where to start, when suddenly it occurred to me, with a cup of coffee of course. So I ordered one, and I got to thinking about coffee. For someone who owns a café that makes a whole bunch of interesting coffees I actually know very little about coffee itself so I will steer clear of trying to talk to you about the merits of this bean over that bean, this roasting technique over that roasting technique or even the latest coffee art trends and fair trade.

As much as I love a “good” cup of coffee, I know that my good is completely different to a coffee connoisseur’s good for the simple reason that we have different requirements from our respective cups. My good cup of coffee, has to be coffee at the perfect time of day, as in when I need it. It needs to be fresh, hot and delicious and mostly, it needs to be shared with friends. So for me, I can make a cup of Nescafe (Shush now, it’s my turn to talk) at home with a couple of friends and enjoy it as much, if not more so, than an overpriced cappuccino at a la-di-dah café amongst the hoity toity of Jozi. For me, coffee is not a status symbol but a moment in time. Coffee is the pause button I press to take a little break from the harsh realities of life. It is that five minute sit down before rushing onto the next thing. It is the after a delicious meal round off, with a slow grappa on the side to be enjoyed with good friends as you linger around the dining room table. It is the let’s catch up at the local café with an old friend and the my, how your children have grown moments that it allows you to capture. You may not remember how remarkable the coffee was but you will remember the gentle moments spent with special people. I know I sound a bit of a romantic about a simple cup of coffee but we live such fast paced lives dashing from one meeting to the next or bumping into people in the supermarket just before you dash off to fetch the kids that I really believe that sitting down with a cup of coffee allows you time to pause, rest and reflect a moment. It gives you that moment to mull over a new idea that is lurking in the back of your mind, before you nurture it into existence or lose it forever in the mad dash to the dentist.


What is a connoisseur?
A person with expert knowledge or training, especially in the fine arts or cooking or wine.
it is someone competent to pass critical judgment. I.E an expert.
‘Connoisseur’ means to be a person with extensive knowledge, especially of the fine arts; a person with refined taste.
A connoisseur is someone that is well-versed and knowledgeable in a field (of study)

I think you get the idea, my cup of coffee is not anything like what a coffee connoisseur would expect, so what exactly are the true lovers of the coffee bean expecting from their cup of Joe? I am not going to even attempt to answer that question for you. I mean, you know what you want from a coffee, a latte, a cappuccino or an espresso (yes, there is no “X” in espresso) but I will direct you to this really fascinating article and you can decide for yourself, http://www.blackbearcoffee.com/resources/87 .
I read this article and I had a good giggle because, well because, I am a simple girl who likes a simple cup of hot coffee shared with good friends and great conversation and on the odd occasion with a dash of Friggin Coffee’s Chilli essence and loads of condensed milk


This post was written as a guest post for the Friggin Coffee blog http://blog.friggincoffee.com/?p=83

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