Dealing with My Shit ….15 May 2014


There comes a time that in spite of how much resistance you’re putting up, that being in hospital really is the only choice to make.
I developed a new symptom about ten days ago, my right leg has begun to go lame when I stand on it for any length of time, from brief to long. One can only ignore it so long before action is required…even if it’s something you’d rather avoid. So a quick call to the doc’s rooms and off I  trundle to the clinic.

Of course now that I think I’m having an MS episode with feelings of dizziness and, pins and needles and some lameness in my right leg, an MRI is going to be the order of the day.
My mind is in turmoil, a new lesion on the brain will show the disease is gathering a little momentum, whereas no additional lesions will show slow progress which is what any sane person begs for. However no new lesions is not going to get you the medication from the medical aid that would actually prevent or rather delay the advent of new lesions. A perfect catch 22

The next exciting (Not) hurdle to jump was getting the medical aid to pay the MRI. Turns out that I have a limit on what can be spent on scans per year, whether  hospital our not and but having this latest one, brain and c-spine, going to be R8.5k short. Who knew that getting sick was going to be so Fucking expensive!! I signed my life away and made a promise to myself that there would be no more hospital visits or MRI’s this year, I can’t bloody afford it.

The MRI and two nights in hospital later and I have been sent home as an outpatient. No new lesions to speak of, unfortunately or fortunately. 5 massive doses of cortisone to have administered in the hope that it will help my leg get to its pre-lame stage in  the meantime.
The lack of knowledge and understanding of the disease the medical aid is frightening. At least this admission for a relapse will lift my score to a 3,  meaning that now they may look at a little more seriously.

I feel this taking a toll on my mental state and I am grateful the love and support I around me. The MS future is a pretty bleak place without that kind of support.
The journey continues……

Here are a few amusing pics from in and around the hospital










Please excuse typos and grammar errors, I’m writing on my phone and don’t always manage to catch autocorrect before it does it’s thing

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