I forgive you Gerald she said,  a slow smile creeping over her face.  I glanced up at The clock as it pinged the hour and when I looked back down she had already slipped away.  Her face serene and peaceful in death.  I realised I was still holding her hand,  the skin paper thin and translucent,  a map work of veins so near the surface. I let go and gently placed her hand at her side.
What had Gerald done that needed forgiving I wondered briefly but I never allowed my thoughts to dwell there.  Glancing one last time over my shoulder at her still beautiful but age worn face,  I left the room. My place was with the dying, my work here was done.
It was not my place to question my lot in life, I accepted my role in this incarnation and I understood how you couldn’t get involved but how could you not when it seemed that fate was so unfair