Getting My Shit (Together)

Life is an incredibly strange creature.  I guess that’s why it’s called Life, you just never know what’s going to happen from one minute to the next.  Is it exciting?  Is the potential for constant change and evolution exciting?  Are life changing occurrences what keep us sane or is our sanity dependent on the drugs we take to help us cope with those changes?  I have the feeling you’re wondering wtf I’m talking about because to you your life doesn’t appear to altering on a daily basis. 
I promise you it is.  You wake up.  You dress. Have breakfast or maybe not. You head into the traffic to make your way to work.  You stop at the red light,  the guy behind you doesn’t.  You Go thru the green light, the other guy doesn’t.  You drop your cellphone and in your mad scramble to pick it up you knock over a pedestrian.  Your life just changed forever as did everyone’s around you.  One small catalyst is all it takes and those catalysts are the unconscious choices that we make every waking second of every day.  Your life does change every instant. Sometimes those changes are huge and far reaching like finding out you have a dreaded disease or infinitesimal like choosing coffee over cappuccino but everyone brings about a change.
How you choose to deal with that change is quite possibly the only real choice you have.  To add sugar or sweetener, to overcome your illness through diet, exercise, medication and sheer force of will?
Do you even have a choice because what is the only other option available if you do not take up the challenge? 
Life. Choices. Options. Catalysts.  Questions. Questions.  Questions.
Was there even an option in the first place?
Shakespeare put it perfectly “To be or not to be, that is the question”