Taking Your Baggage With You………….

Unlike some people I don’t sing in the shower. The water pounding on my head tends to make me rather more introspective than a singing extrovert. I start to think, sometimes random thoughts and sometimes things that are a little more deep and meaningful. At least no one gets to see when I start to giggle by myself in the shower, probably the equivalent to dancing in the rain, except seeing me dance in the rain naked would not be a laughing matter.
So this morning I am standing in the shower reflecting on my family and our little idiosyncrasies, the way we talk to one another and the way we treat one another, the baggage we carry around, the lack of respect there is for boundaries and the guilt that we carry as well. If you are wondering why guilt, you need to do a little research into Jewish Mothers! This was all tumbling around in my head when a little thought tendril branched off and started to wonder what happens when you die.
Hell no, I thought to myself, could you just imagine if when you died and you did actually head for the Pearly Gates to spend your life playing a harp on the clouds and existing in heavenly bliss with all of those who had gone before you. All those who had gone before you and their prodigious amount of baggage. The chips on the shoulder, the hate for the mom in law, the keeping up with the Jones attitude, the bickering, the unrequited love, the broken heart, the inappropriate behaviour, the waspish tongue, the sick sense of humour, the annoying practical joker, the boundary breaker…………….do you take them all with you or do you slough them off when you get to Heaven?
Do you think that when one dies and supposedly goes to heaven that they take all their baggage and their issues with them? I mean could you imagine meeting up again with all your loved and not so loved ones and having to put up with all that shit and drama for the rest of eternity because that just seems like hell to me!
Of course the other side of that coin is that your life’s experience and those very issues and baggage are what serves to make you the person you are, so if you slough them off when you get to Heaven what does that make you into, a Stepford Wife?
On Earth at least we have Valium for that.
Now I understand why I get out the shower exhausted instead of refreshed, tomorrow I might just try singing instead

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