Being Musical

When Keira Witherkay, the incredibly talented guitarist who plays at Indulgence Cafe on a regular basis suggested we have an open mic night I was a little ambivalent about the idea. Firstly because it was something that we had never tried before and secondly because I had no idea if anyone was going to actually turn up.
What is an open mic night you may be wondering, I know I was until it was explained to me. Open mic is when anyone who plays a musical instrument, belongs to a young band, sings or recites poetry gets to come along for the evening, put their name on the board and to stand up or sit down as the case may be, in front of a whole group of strangers to perform. It must be incredibly daunting to take that first step and find the courage to put yourself out there at the mercy of the public.
I know how I felt the first time I picked up a mic in front of a waiting audience to introduce an author at Indulgence Cafe and the first time I actually interviewed an author instead of just letting them talk to the audience by themselves, it is quite scary and your mouth dries up. The possibility of making a huge ass of yourself is a reality but unless you put yourself out there and try, you will never know what you can do.
I shouldn’t have doubted for a second though. Keira has a huge following of her own and on Friday night they came out in full force to come and play at Indulgence Cafe. It was a real treat, we have so much as yet untapped talent in Jozi and in South Africa that it was a pleasure to sit and listen to the music. You didn’t have to like everything you heard but getting exposed to it is the thing that counts as much as getting out of your comfort zone and trying out something new
Kudos to all those very talented young and older people last night, we look forward to seeing you at the next open mic evening at Indulgence Cafe or just maybe seeing you name in lights on center stage…………….

Open Mic Night at Indulgence Cafe

Open Mic Night at Indulgence Cafe















Thank you Keira Witherkay for making Open Mic Night happen

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