Burgers, Beers and Bras (not)

Madam and Eve, recommended reading!

Madam and Eve, recommended reading!

Where does the time go I have to wonder. We were all so busy waiting for winter to actually arrive that spring is almost upon us. Whilst I am pretty sure there are one or two more cold spells lurking in the ether waiting for us to take our jumpers off, I do believe the worst (such as it was) is behind us. I hesitate yet though to remove our “windows” as the patio is still wonderfully cozy, snug and warm!
July and August were hectic action packed months at Indulgence Café and for Lollipops Catering. So much amazing stuff was crammed into those two months that it was just splendid.

Getting a little leg over at Indulgence cafe by Jonathan Everitt

Getting a little leg over at Indulgence cafe by Jonathan Everitt

I know I go on and on about the Bloody Book Week but it really is the highlight of my year.
The Bloody Book Week review: http://wp.me/pVdYg-dQ
The picture montage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqLzw2QM_7g

Our craft beer tasting event with The League of Beers on the 31st of July, was a great success with Indulgence being fully booked. There were about 13 beers to taste, a little too much I thought but everyone seemed to have a really good time and there were 4 huge black bags of bottles that went for recycling!
We are having another craft beer tasting on the 25th October

Craft Beer Tasting with The League of Beers

Craft Beer Tasting with The League of Beers










Through Indulgence Café and Lollipops Catering I really do get to meet a myriad of wonderful, talented and exciting authors and “celebs”. I have the privilege of interacting with you, the public and connecting with so many people. It is quite incredible to think that some of the babies I saw born when I started my business in 1993 are now 21 year old know it all’s, which makes me verging on ancient I do believe. This past week was no exception with Tony Leon joining us to chat about his latest book, The Accidental Ambassador. Tony is the consummate politician saying plenty without actually saying a whole bunch. Needless to say it was a wonderful experience chatting to him about his time as Ambassador to Argentina and my personal opinion was that he was pretty frank and forthcoming. I read the book and I have to admit that it is well written and incredibly easy to read. If you weren’t here I do believe you missed out.
I hadn’t prior to reading the book realized that he is Jewish and when we were standing around chatting before the talk on Saturday I just happened to mention that there was chopped herring, a traditional Jewish dish, in the fridge! His whole face lit up. We served him a generous helping with bagels to eat it on. He was delighted and so was I, being the good Jewish mama that I am, and loving to feed people. A couple of times during his interview he referred to the fabulous chopped herring so I beamed a little bit more………my job there was done!
To see Tony Leon reading an excerpt from his book https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsmJTJ15eXk

Tony Leon.....Talk to the Hand  Pictures courtesy of Jonathan Everitt

Tony Leon…..Talk to the Hand
Pictures courtesy of Jonathan Everitt










By contrast to July and August, September is a little on the quieter side but it does include a whole bunch of Jewish holidays, the Fast of Yom Kippur and the Jewish New Year. Let me take this opportunity then to wish all our Jewish friends, family and clients and very happy Rosh Hashana and well over the Fast. Indulgence Café will be open right through the holidays but I personally will not be here on the 14th of September

Indulgence Café in conjunction with Telkom Mobile now offers Free WiFi to our customers so bring along your laptop and park yourself at a table for an hour while our staff look after your food and drink needs. What could be better than sitting and working or writing that best seller novel in the comfort and happy environs of Indulgence Café! All you have to do is pop them an sms with the word FREE to 32707 and they will respond with a user name and password! Couldn’t be simpler! I think you get 60 minutes free, incredible value at the price 🙂

Breaking News is that from the 7th of October Indulgence Café will be able to offer you our incredible burgers 5 nights a week. In our ongoing endeavors to bring you more and more, better and better, we are making our burgers available to you in the evening! From Monday to Friday evenings our extensive burger menu will be available. If you aren’t already aware of how fabulous our burgers are, just pop down one evening and try them! 250grams of pure beef with a serious range of different toppings available. Vegetarians you will not be left out either and for those who prefer chicken to red meat that option is available as well! Burgers, chips and beers, what more could you ask for 🙂

One of our Incredible Bacon and Avocado Burgers

One of our Incredible Bacon and Avocado Burgers

September 2013
5th Traditional Jewish dinner for the Jewish New year
6th Lionel Bastos live at Indulgence Cafe
18th Quiz dinner
24th Heritage day something is happening, just not sure what yet!

Lionel Bastos
6th September

I have known Lionel Bastos for years and it is only in recent times or at least since we have started to host a live music evening once a month that it occurred to me that I should be asking him to come and play here. Getting him here is a bit of a challenge as he lives in the Cape now but you know me, I tend to rise to the occasion and voila Lionel is coming to Jozi! This wonderful acoustic musician will be joining us on the 6th of September for an evening of wonderful music and delicious food. I hope that you will be joining us as well! Tickets are available through http://www.hitmusic.co.za at R180 a ticket which includes a light buffet dinner. It is going to be an awesome evening and I absolutely cannot wait! Book your ticket today!

Lionel Bastos

Lionel Bastos

Quiz Dinner
18 September

Our August quiz evening was rock star fabulous with a whopping great 9 teams here to pit their skills against the quiz master otherwise known as little old me! Join us next month, it really is great fun and a super way to spend an evening! The cost is R120 per head and that includes the cost of quiz and dinner. Great value, great evening! The next quiz evening is Wednesday, the 18th of September at 7pm. Dinner available from 6pm.

I just love these images that Jonathan Everitt took of Indulgence Cafe when he was here………..

Arty Indulgence Cafe by Jonathan Everitt

Arty Indulgence Cafe by Jonathan Everitt





Well that is me done for this month, October promises to be an action packed Halloween month so watch this space as always for what’s happening at your favourite little coffee shop!
Have an awesome September, may there be a spring in your step and blossoms without pollen in your eyes.
Love ‘n Lollipops

Mystery, Mayhem and Murder…

The Bloody Book Week 2013

The Bloody Book Week 2013

No, the title does not refer to a day in the life of Johannesburg, South Africa but to the wonderful thriller book week, The Bloody Book Week, that Jenny Crwys-Williams has made happen for the past few years, this year 2013 being no exception and what a week it was! Indulgence Cafe was invited to take part in the BBW last year and being the book hungry greedy little creature that I am, I reached out and grabbed the invite with both hands; yes please, we’d love to be a part of it.
This incredible week showcases some of South Africa’s most talented crime writers and journalists who write about some of our most notorious criminals as well as bringing to our shores the most amazing international best selling authors as well. Last year this included Jeffery Deaver and John Connolly. This year the offering was Peter James and Stuart MacBride. Unfortunately Peter James had to pull out because of an injury to his back but Stuart MacBride certainly held his own.
Last year being a newbie I only asked to host two events but this year I tried to host as many of the authors available as possible and was over the moon when I got given all the authors that I had asked for. What an incredible bunch of human beings they were, talented writers with fascinating minds whose work reaches out and touches you, and funny. You would think that people who write about things macabre and twisted would in some way resemble the characters they write about, not unlike how dogs and their owners begin to resemble one another over the years. Alas in this case these writers were all good looking with funny, sunny dispositions so it must be just me who grows to look more and more like my Boerboel, Amiga with the passing years…………short, blonde hair and long in the tooth.

Amiga by Jonathan Everitt 2013

Amiga by Jonathan Everitt 2013

The First of the four events Indulgence hosted with Mtutuzeli Nyoka and Julian Rademeyer. Mtutu had been a guest at Indulgence in 2012 for the Jeffery Deaver and John Connolly and it was my absolute pleasure to welcome him back to Indulgence as an author of a very delightful book, A Hill of Fools. A delightful little read in the style of an African fable with subject matter very relevant to the world in which we live. Tall and shyly good-looking Dr Nyoka told us how he was passionate about writing but his first love was and always will be medicine. Julian Rademeyer of the incredibly beautiful voice and dark good looks spoke of traveling to the east, meeting dark shady characters and receiving death threats. He spoke of the plight of our rhinos, the syndicates involved and of hope, there is always hope. The line that I read in his book, Killing For Profit, that will always stay with me is about the sound that a wounded and dying rhino makes. Just from his describing the cry I hope it is a sound I will never hear from a rhino or any other majestic animal that we have.

Julian Rademeyer and Mtutuzeli Nyoka

Julian Rademeyer and Mtutuzeli Nyoka



The second event we hosted was with one of my favourite South African crime writers, Mike Nicol, who chatted to the new girl on the block, Michele Rowe about her “accidental” trilogy and a bunch of different aspects of trilogy writing. Mike who has been around the trilogy block with his Revenge Trilogy (Payback, Killer Country, Black Heart) has just the right knack of drawing people out and the chat was both funny and engaging whilst at the same time being incredibly informative. One of the aspects discussed was the killing off of main characters and baddies, a very annoying habit of George RR Martin, author of Game of Thrones; beware you don’t get too attached to anyone particular character as they may lose their head on the next page. It was a really delightful evening

Mike Nicol and Michele Rowe talking Trilogies

Mike Nicol and Michele Rowe talking Trilogies




Our third event on the very sunny Saturday morning was by far the most gruesome of the four we hosted, made even more so because we were talking about real crimes close to home. With two of 702’s rising star journalists, Alex Eliseev and Barry Bateman, both of whom speak beautifully and who are still young enough to be enthusiastic with their choice of work. They held their audience spellbound for over an hour with the stories they told of murder and lies, death and deception. We chatted mostly about fallen hero to the whole world, Oscar Pistorius and the 13-year-old cold case of murdered waitress Betty Ketani. Both very emotive topics and up for very heated debate. Both Alex and Barry will have books out in time for next year’s BBW. I promise we will get them back here because those stories are far from over.
We also had a lovely surprise on the morning when Jenny Crwys-Williams surprised us with her company as well and we able to introduce the two journos with far more aplomb than I ever could





Barry Bateman, Alex Eliseev and jenny Crwys-Williams

Barry Bateman, Alex Eliseev and jenny Crwys-Williams

Our Bloody Book Week ended with a Sunday morning brunch with one of SA’s top female crime writers Margie Orford chatting the Scottish author, Stuart MacBride. I have thus far only read one of Stuart’s books, Cold Granite and I have to admit it was gripping and I honestly didn’t know who the bad guy was until all was revealed in the end. Margie was her charming, wonderful self and she really got as much out of the wacky, red takkied, Stuart as possible. Getting him to read a short excerpt from his book was like trying to pull teeth out of a mule without an anesthetic but he read beautifully in the end. He is incredibly funny and very entertaining for one who writes such twisted tales, they both are in fact. It was their last event in a seriously jam-packed week and they really were a superb finish to a wonderful week for us. Stuart told us some interesting tidbits about writing in the nip (nude), can’t for the life of me think that he does that in winter in the heart of Scotland; one would need a magnifying glass to see the… ermmmm… control key. Am looking forward to reading Close to the Bone his latest book and Margie Orford’s latest offering Water Music which are waiting patiently on my book shelf at home

Margie Orford in conversation with Stuart MacBride

Margie Orford in conversation with Stuart MacBride










All I can say in summing up was that it was truly amazing event to be a part of, thank you to all who took part, all who attended and all who were subjected to my amateur interviewing skills.
Thank you publishers, thank you Jenny Crwys-Williams for making it happen, Thank you Jonathan for taking such wonderful pictures and thank YOU the public for spending the time with us at Indulgence Cafe or reading this blog post

Until next time
Love ‘n Lollipops