Sex, Blood and Women

Hi All
Oh what a month July was and August will be and of course this little bit of time between the two when the month is neither here nor there but it is pay day so perk up, it is the week end 🙂

We catered the most amazing event for Telkom last week Thursday at their Centurion offices. A Sheesa Nyama or Braai for 1000 people initially that turned into 1350 heads to feed. I have never seen such a never ending queue before. I kept wondering at which point we were going to run out of food and have a hungry crowd turn on us but we didn’t and they didn’t and it was an awesome day. I have put together a brief photo montage if you fancy a quick peek…………………..

The Telkom Sim Sonke Lauch, a sheesa nyama of epic proportions

The Telkom Sim Sonke Lauch, a sheesa nyama of epic proportions








The end of this month and the beginning of August are jam packed with an incredible assortment of events to keep you excited and engaged. There are so many events that I need to tell you about, so without further ado let me plunge right in…………….

Month at a glance:
27th July Twisted Market
31st July Craft Beer Tasting
1st Aug Bloody Book Week: Mtutuzeli Nyoka and Julian Rademeyer
2nd Aug Bloody Book Week: Mike Nicol and Michele Rowe
3rd Aug Bloody Book Week: Barry Bateman and Alex Eliseev
4th Aug Bloody Book Week: Stuart MacBride and Peter James in conversation with Margie Orford
8th Aug Thursday Dinner Club
9th Aug Woman’s Day live music event with dinner
15th Aug Thursday Dinner Club
16th Fastdate Dinner
21st Aug Quiz Dinner
22nd Aug Thursday Dinner Club
24th Aug AuthorTalk with Tony Leon (To be confirmed)
29th Aug Thursday Dinner Club

27th July
First up on the 27th of July is our quarterly Kink and Fetish Market, now known as the Twisted Market. This isn’t for everyone’s taste but it is a little bit of fun and certainly a different type of market to venture to. There will be a variety of “implements” and toys available as well as art, books, food, wine and beers and of course CAKE. So come meet friends, make new friends, browse, shop and have a delightful winter’s afternoon. Entry is free, apart from what you choose to eat and drink. The market is only open from 2pm to 5pm but definitely worth a visit. Regret no under 18’s are allowed.
Link to the FB event

The Twisted Market

The Twisted Market

31st July
In a departure from the norm, we are having a craft beer tasting in conjunction with the League of Beers. For R190 per head you are going to get to taste between 8 and 10 different craft beers followed by a variety of different curries for dinner and home baked bread. This is a bookings only event and you are welcome to book with me or go directly to the League of Beers to book. Payment is required on booking and there are only a very limited number of tickets as it is a small niche event.
The link to the FB event is : or

I have 5 copies of the book African Brew for sale. This incredible book tells the story of South African beer and is well worth its price of R295. Copies are available at Indulgence and will be on sale on the evening of the craft beer tasting……………which reminds me, have you booked your ticket yet?

Craft Beer Tasting with The League of Beers

Craft Beer Tasting with The League of Beers

Bloody Book Week
We are honoured once again to be part of the Bloody Book Week with Jenny Crwys-Williams and Sunday Times. This exciting week has a host of incredible local and international, very talented crime writers at various locations all over Jozi available to you the public to meet and ask questions of. It is really a wonderful week to be a part of and we have asked for and been given four great events to host with nine top class, very interesting writers and authors! There are snacks and meals included in all the booking fees and books will be available for sale at all events. Please take note of the different start times, two are evening events and two are morning events
The line-up includes Mtutuzeli Nyoka, Julian Rademeyer, Barry Bateman, Alex Eliseev, Margie Orford, Mike Nicol, Michele Rowe and from foreign shores Peter James and Stuart MacBride
I had typed all the information out for you but it would make this email into a thesis so instead for all the info on the events please follow the link to the blog and everything is there for you in full colour

Bloody Book Week

Bloody Book Week

August Thursday Dinner Menus

1st Aug No Dinner Club due to The Bloody Book Week

8th Aug Thursday Dinner Club
Sundried tomato soup with croutons
Thai green chicken curry with jasmine rice
Spaghetti and meatballs in brinjal and baby marrow sauce
Stuffed baked potatoes with butter beans, spinach and feta
Chocolate brownies and cream

15th Aug R100 Thursday Dinner Club
Sweetcorn chowder
Fried fish and chips, with green vegetables
Grilled lamb chops with chips and green vegetables
Vegetarian grilled sausages with chips and green vegetables
Ice cream and bar one chocolate sauce

22nd Aug Thursday Dinner Club R100pp
Garlic butter mushrooms
Calves liver with fried onions and brown gravy, served with mashed potatoes
Chicken schnitzels with mashed potatoes and cheese sauce
Grilled brinjal steaks with feta and nut crumble, served with mashed potatoes
Strawberry topped milk tart

29th Aug Thursday Dinner Club R100pp
Thai vegetable soup
Roast lamb, roast potatoes and peas and carrots
Roasted vegetable bake with mashed potatoes
Roast chicken with roasted potatoes and carrots
Individual apple pies with cream

Indulgence Cafe

Indulgence Cafe

9th Aug
Woman’s Day live music event in support of the Cradle of Hope
It is a public holiday to celebrate Women, I like it! Women should be celebrated and adored on a daily basis never mind just once or twice a year but quite frankly I will take what I can get at this point. We have a magical afternoon lined up for you, starting at 2pm and going through to 10pm
Our music event is in support of a center for abused woman and children giving the day a little more vooma than just a sommer music festival, so come out and spend the afternoon with us while you relax and enjoy some fabulous tunes! The menu is available during the day until 4pm an then we switch to a light buffet dinner as the sun sets. Starting around 2pm and heading on into the evening so join us for some fabulous musicians for a relaxed mellow day. Artists at this point include
Tracy Hoyle, Tina Delacovias,Beverly Jayne, Keira Witherkay, the Peter Auret Trio to name just a few.
Book a place today, great food, great sounds, fully licensed bar and a great cause, the perfect day 🙂

Music Event in Celebration of Women's Day

Music Event in Celebration of Women’s Day

16th Aug
Fastdate Dinner
I hear that they are fabulous fun and who knows you could meet Mr Right or Mrs Incredible. I promise the food will be delicious, just need to work out the menu still. This is not our event but we are hosting it and feeding you so if you fancy joining, book with Serena as listed below…………..

Thank you for spending this time with us. We hope that we will be seeing you for one or more of these events. There is really a fabulous mix of happenings on offer in the next couple of weeks and I know you will have a really great time with us! Book your spot today
Love ‘n Lollipops

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