The Lollipop October 2012

Greetings and Salutations Friends of Indulgence & Amiga 🙂

This is Jack our 90 year old birthday boy with Indulgence staff

Not unlike the rest of the year so far, September has almost passed us by in a flurry of excitement and happenings. With everything from a wonderful talk by Terry Westby-Nunn on her award winning book, Sea of Wise Insects to the Jewish Holidays, incredible thunderstorms well endowed with hail, a mini break to Cape Town for two days, reconnecting with a couple of good friends, a 90th birthday party at Indulgence, the 2nd Annual WEEAC Event and of course our Heritage Day lamb on a spit with Jazz by the truly talented Peter Auret Trio! Yes, I would say September was a fabulous month.

Terry Westby-Nunn (Sea of Wise Insects) with Karyn Maughn (The Lolly Jackson Story) at Indulgence Cafe

Thursday dinners are also coming along swimmingly. In fact the one night it was raining so much, we nearly swam out the door. I will include all the menus for October later in this post so you can get a head start in planning your dinners at Indulgence!
There is a wonderful group of tweeters that come every Thursday night who have now started calling themselves the #dinnerclub and have gone as far as opening a twitter account called @dinnerclubJHB which I think is absolutely fabulous! They are an absolute riot to have around and when they are not tweeting the conversation can get a little risque.

Calendar for October
4th Dinner at Indulgence
6th AuthorTalk
11th Dinner at Indulgence
13th Comic talk in conjunction with Cosmic Comics, SA
18th Dinner at Indulgence
25th Dinner at Indulgence
27th Kink Market

I popped along to the Good Food and Wine show on Friday so see what was happening and saw some really interesting food items and ideas to introduce at Indulgence. We were only going to go for an hour or so and ended up only getting back to the shop almost 5 hours later. It is a pity that I don’t drink in the true sense of the word as there was absolutely no shortage of wine and other beverages to sample and some looked really yum. I did have teeny tiny sips of Mead which is derived from honey and that left me with lovely honey flavours on my tongue. To take home I bought a small cheese and olive loaf, some of the best biltong I have ever tasted and sugar free chocolate that comes from the Drakensberg and is made by a husband and wife team, creamy and delicious!
We stopped browsing to have a bite of lunch at the Blue Oceans Mussels stand where they gave us a pot of delicious mussels that tasted of the sea and all things good, accompanied by a healthy portion of chips topped off with home made mayo and you could have a Stella Artoios if you so desired. I never desired

Mussels and chips with home made mayo and a Stella if one wanted!

The best biltong I have EVER tasted, comes from the Free State! Superb!

Artisan Bread from The Jozi Food Market, took home the cheese and olive loaf, delicious!

The Honey Lady where I tasted the Mead!

How are you doing?
Ready to embrace the searing heat of summer? I know I am not, bring me winter any day, but enough of that now. Rocktober is jumping up and down to begin and I have lots to tell you about what is going on here this month!
So jumping right in……………

If you are in my age group you will have learned at school a well know and much loved folk tale about a little girl and her brother who are about to be caught in a severe storm, her name was Rachel De Beer and now Brett Michael Innes has written her story down and published it. We know how this tale ends but it is a heartwarming one and it transcends South Africa’s politics and other rubbish because it is about family and love and not about murder, striking miners and mayhem. Let us celebrate the life of this very brave young lady, a remarkable figure from SA’s folk history past
So on the 6th of October at 2pm, please join us for the book Racheltjie De Beer by Brett Michael Innes. This book which is available in English and Afrikaans, is soon to become a major motion picture and goes into production in early 2013.
The book even has a trailer you can watch on at:
English Trailer –
Afrikaans Trailer –

Racheltjie De Beer by Brett Michael Innes

FB link to the event:

This is an AuthorTalk so please bring along your two books, one to swap and one to donate. Our collection of books at the moment is not fabulous so dig deep people please. Bring books along that you would like to read that are in reasonably good condition as well as opposed to the rained on, dropped in the bath, rat chewed and moth eaten copy that has been lying in a pool of grease in the garage for the past ten years or so if you get my meaning

This is a very exciting NEW event that we are adding to our calendar and hoping will be a great success. In conjunction with our new neighbours, Cosmic Comics SA, we will be hosting a comic talk either once a month or every second month. This month’s talk will be on the origins of and the history of comics starting in the 1940’s with DC Comics and Superman all the way to Marvel Comics and beyond. The next month’s may be on a superhero or a super villain or on a graphic novel……..who knows! We will just have to wait and see what they come up with but I will keep you posted. Scott will be talking comic history at 2pm on the 13th of October. Try something different! Comics will be on sale as well or you pop around the corner to Cosmic Comics and have a look at their amazing stock of comics as well as their collection of weird and wonderful characters!

Heroes and Villains!

FB event:

Kink Market
So now that you have read 50 Shades of Grey and your interest is piqued you do really need to pop in and browse! Once again it is time for our Kink & Fetish Market, this time round, in an attempt to encourage non-kinks or vanillas as they are called we are having a themed Kink Market and that theme is, would you believe 50 Shades Of Gray! There will be readings from the book ever half hour, all manner of delicious, interesting and unusual whips, chains, cable ties, leather and other items on sale and at 4.30pm we are going to have a rope tying competition so if you are curious, interested or think you have already seen it all and need a little shaking up, come visit us! Make new friends, visit with old friends, eat, and generally have a great time! Come shopping, take a walk on the kink side!

You can mention 50 Shades of Grey to me 🙂

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Thursday Dinner @ Indulgence
October Menus

There is no better way to eat out inexpensively than at Indulgence on a Thursday night. R100 for a 3 course meal, there is no better VALUE anywhere! Whilst we are still waiting for our licquor license you are still welcome to bring your own alcohol!

4 Oct
Cold cucumber and mint soup with croutons
Traditional roast lamb with mint jelly, roast potatoes and gravy, garden peas
Fried fish with savoury rice, lemon wedge, chop-chop and garden peas
Battered Tofu, deep fried, served with savoury rice, garden peas
Individual lemon meringue pies

11 Oct
Deep fried mozzarella sticks with sweet chilli dip
Seafood lasagne with garden salad
Roast quarter chicken with roasted butternut, roast potatoes
Mixed mushroom pasta with feta
Ice cream and bar one chocolate sauce

18 Oct
Cold sun dried tomato soup with parmesan shavings
Thai green chicken curry with jasmine rice, topped with basil and coriander
Individual cottage pies with mixed green vegetables
Vegetarian bean burger topped with tomato salsa, served with mashed potatoes
Chocolate brownies and cream

25 Oct
Sweetcorn and pepperdew phyllo parcels topped with sweet chilli & sour cream sauce
Old fashioned roast beef, roast tatties, peas and carrots, brown gravy
Fish pie topped with cheesy mashed potatoes, served with peas and carrots
Layered vegetable bake topped with creamed spinach and grilled cheese
Crumpet topped with fresh berries, cream and honey

And THAT is October 🙂
Thank you for spending the last 20 minutes with me! We hope to feed you soon!
Remember that year end is rolling up fast, so speak to us about your year-end function now!

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Love ‘n Lollipops

“Food, Passion, Life”

Summer is here, have one of our delicious granitas in Pineapple, Mango, Coffee and Strawberry…………real fruit and real coffee! No additives

Lamb on a Spit

This Week at Indulgence Cafe

Hello Everybody 🙂
I strolled back into work today after two consecutive days off which was absolutely delicious I have to say! The downside is that now I need to scramble to get this information to you before it is too late and you wander off elsewhere!
Thursday dinners are going along fabulously but I still need to keep telling you that we are open Thursday evenings for a little while so that you don’t forget………………ever!
The menu changes from week to week, is just R100 and of course whilst our liquor license is pending you are welcome to bring along your own alcohol with NO corkage

This week’s menu:
20 Sept
Avocado half, filled with Waldorf salad
Roast pork belly with chunky apple sauce, crusty roast potatoes
Seared salmon with lemony minty salsa Verde, julienned vegetables, brown rice and lentils
Mushroom pie topped with puff crust, mashed potatoes
Bananas, pineapple and marshmallows with separate choc sauce……..

Of course this is a long week end coming up crowned with Heritage Day on Monday the 24th and we have planned an absolutely fabulous feast for you with some incredible, incredible, incredible jazz by the Peter Auret Trio! They played here for their dinner one Thursday night and they were such a smash hit that I knew we just had to have them here again! So they will be here and there will be yummy, delicious and stunning lamb on the spit to eat, with chicken and a vegetarian option and salads and, and, and…….
Join us! R140 a head, kids under 10 are free
It is fabulous way to spend this week’s bonus day off!

The newsletter will come out next week, just watch your inbox 🙂

Love ‘n Lollipops