Dinner at Indulgence August Menus

Dinner at Indulgence Cafe by Candlelight

Thursday August menu
2 Aug
Thick & creamy mushroom soup & home-baked roll
Chicken breast fillet topped creamed spinach and feta, served with rice and steamed broccoli
Spaghetti with baby meatballs in an arrabiata sauce
Curried butternut and sweet potato with basmati rice
Individual apple pies with thick cream

9 Aug
Sweetcorn chowder with home-baked bread
Lamb curry and basmati rice with sambals
Mussels in spicy Thai peanut satay gravy served with jasmine rice
Warm chocolate sponge pudding and berries

16 Aug
Phyllo butternut and feta parcel with creamy curry sauce
Potted cottage pie with roasted vegetables
Fried fish with savoury rice, chop-chop, sweetcorn and peas
Stuffed peppers with cous-cous, dried fruits and nuts with sweetcorn and peas
Individual apple strudels with cream

23 Aug
Tomato and feta tartlets topped with fresh basil
Roast lamb, roast pots, mint sauce and roasted butternut with almonds, gravy not bisto
Chicken briyani with raita and chutney on the side
Mushroom, potato and lentil curry with basmati rice
Chocolate mousse with Frangellica

30 Aug
Lightly curried butternut soup
Fillet medallions with mushroom sauce, sautéed potatoes, caramelized carrots
Honey mustard chicken sosaties with savoury rice, caramelized carrots
Stir fry vegetables with sweet and sour sauce, jasmine rice
Potted Caramel pudding with honeycomb and chocolate

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