My fearless hunter @AmigaFriedman

The Famous Hunter in Question

This is Amiga Friedman my fearless protector and constant companion


In case you haven’t already met her I would like to introduce you to my closest friend in this world, Amiga Friedman.

This magnificent animal is a Boerboel, almost 7 years old so she is getting on a little and not quite as frisky as she used to be. Her favourite spot at the end of the day is curled up on my side of the bed on top of the lovely fluffy green blanket I bought at Monsieur Presay last season. She is quite happy to curl up there until I arrive and gently ask her to move 25 or more times which she eventually does, albeit very grudgingly and flops down just a little further away leaving me barley enough bed to hang onto the edge of. For all that, she is lovely and warm to sleep next to in winter.

Amiga at home on her side of the bed

Room for one or two more?

Boerboels are hunting dogs, they were bred to hunt lions and elephants in the 1800’s. Amiga actually saunters somewhat like a lioness when she walks swinging her back hips from one side to the other delightfully and looking like she owns the world or my world at least. I won’t go into the history of the boerboel as such except to say that these magnificent dogs were bred as hunters and protectors and they are fiercely loyal. For a fascinating and thorough history of the African Breed of Boerboels read this link

My Amiga, bless her, is the most (tongue in cheek) fearless of them all.

In our suburb we have a rat problem. By problem I mean that the rats are taking over. I can hear them playing football across the ceiling at night. You can even hear the spectators cheer when one of them scores a goal. As far as I  know none of them have opened a restaurant as yet but I am sure it is just a matter of time. Amiga not being able to understand what all the noise is about that is going on over her head is quite happy to spend time hurtling around the house, jumping on and off the bed and barking at the ceiling. Not that the ceiling shows even the remotest interest in her. A thousand mini heart attacks have I already had as madam has erupted into a furious barking fit with her snout pointed at the sky!  Likewise the rats have somehow found their way into the foundations are quite happily building a large communal residence under the bath tub. You can hear the scratching of earth works going on relentlessly at times which only serves to frustrate Amiga even more as she cannot understand why the bathtub will not get up and move out the way so she can ferret out the noisy creatures underneath and extract an e-toll from them for rent.

The house has been quiet of  late. It would appear that Ratatouille and co have found a grander house to move onto and we, Amiga and I, were  not unhappy to see them go. I would have offered to help them move if they had asked for a little help. I was ready to hop into bed the other night at around 10pm, was just psyching myself up for the battle of wills to shift a the sleeping dog over to the other side when something scratched my foot. Thinking that it felt like  grape stalk for some reason  then suddenly realizing that I hadn’t been in the bed eating grapes and leaving the stalks lying around I decided to shake the blanket a bit. Imagine my surprise when I looked up and there perched quite happily next to a dozing Amiga was lo and behold Ratatouille himself.  “Eeeeekkkkkk” I screeched and leaped back into the bookcase dislodging one or two tomes onto the floor. There’s a rat in my bed. Amiga, my fearless barker of rats in the ceiling and hunter of noises under the bath opened an eye. Just one eye. she looked. She sniffed. She sniffed again. Then she closed her eye and went back to sleep. I realized to my utter dismay that there was to be no help forthcoming from that particular quarter.

a real cutie, isn’t he just!

At this point Ratatouille batted his big beautiful brown eyes at me, twitched his whiskers, he being a real charmer and very, very cute, and moved quite comfortably into to the tunnel the blanket made on the bed. The hero rat, showed absolutely no signs of fear and seemed to be making himself quite at home. I have shared my bed with a rat or two in my time but they generally were a  lot bigger, walked on two legs and turned tail and ran as often as not. This was not one of those rats and I didn’t intend on letting him share the bed with moi and my incredible hunting dog.

I made a plan. I was going to grab a handy scarf, throw it over the rat, grab it and toss it out the door and onto the patio from where it could scuttle back to where it had emerged from. As plans go it wasn’t a bad one and it was going along swimmingly until Madam Amiga decided at this point, now that the door was open, to go out for her nightly ablutions. As luck would have it just as she leaped gracefully off the bed to go out the door, we collided and young Ratatouille went plummeting down to the ground. He appeared a little stirred but completely unshaken. Amiga, the fearless hunter turned to look at this  young interloper, sniffed in its general direction and the two of them walked out the door together, David and Goliath. In this instance though, Ratatouille was Goliath and they like the best of friends. Amiga went right and the rat going left.  I think if the rat had been wearing a hat he would at this point have turned and doffed it at me like the well bred gentleman he appeared to be.

Bed stripped, blanket in the wash, I eventually succumbed to sleep, safe in the knowledge that I could rest knowing Amiga would protect me from rats. I dreamed peacefully, wondering who had moved my cheese






Hello All My Sh…

Hello All My Shivering and Cold Friends!



We were basking in a glorious late summer most of the way through May when suddenly Jack Frost stamped his foot and said enough of this. So winter has finally descended on us. We are lucky in Johannesburg that even though it is blisteringly cold in the mornings and evenings the sun comes out during the day, the skies are blue and we have the luxury of shedding a few layers of clothing. (Just thinking to myself that that’s all fine and dandy whilst I write this letter but guaranteed the day after I send it gray skies will clog the skies are far as the eye can see. Hope not!)

Remember last month I said you weren’t invited for Mother’s Day as I was going to be cooking prawns for my mum at home, well we did eat fabulous prawns, just not at home. Decided after a really busy week at work to take mum to Tsunami at Rosebank and eat there. It was     delicious. I did, just after we sat down, call the manager to ask him if our waitress was fabulous with a smiling face as I really wanted my mum to have a fabulous Tsunami  Mother’s day experience. Lo and behold when our waitress ventured back to the table a few minutes later she was the proud winner of the Miss Radiance and Smiles completion and the service was 100% perfect!

Amiga met the food critic Spiced Weasel a few weeks ago and she asked if I would show everyone the picture of these two famous personalities together. It is a great pic after all and they are both very good looking.

 Given that it is a little on the chilly side and your blankets, woolens, gloves and heaters are on now, why not consider a little soup! Our freezer is starting to fill up with a variety of soups. In stock at the moment are Oxtail, Leek and Potato, Sundried Tomato and Butternut. In buckets of just over 1 liter they are a fabulous steal at R40 for vegetable based soups and R50 for meat based ones! Also in the freezer are a variety of meals for you to stock up on and take home. Just pop in the oven or the microwave and in a handful of minutes you have a meal fit for the Royal family to eat! Reasonably priced as well.


How are you doing? Anything fabulous happening in your life that you think you should be shouting from the roof tops and telling the world about? No? What boring lives you lead! Let me invite you into my parlour and make your life just a little bit more exciting this coming June!

What is happening at Indulgence this month?

 The calendar at a glance:

9th AuthorTalk with Sarah Graham

14th Pieter De Villiers& Gavin Rich with Politically Incorrect

23rd Fetish and Kink Flea market


In some breaking news, Indulgence will open one evening a week from the beginning of July. To start this experiment off we are going to open Thursday evenings from 18h00 till about 21h00. There will be  simple 3 course menu available, with a choice of 3 starters, 3 mains and three desserts and this menu will change weekly to generate some excitement! There will of course be a choice of a red meat a white meat or fish and a vegetarian dish. We will also suggest to you what wine to drink with each week’s menu, which you are welcome to bring along with you. We are in the process of applying for a liquor license but these things take a longggggggggggggg time.  The cost of the meal is as yet undetermined but will definitely still be less expensive than eating in a fancy restaurant or steak house. The regular menu will not be available at for the moment. We will make the patio toasty warm with the curtains closed, the heaters on, blankets available and car park security! Thursday night cooking will become a thing of the past with our wholesome food available to you in the evenings. What more could you want!





This month’s AuthorTalk on the 9th of June is a pleasant change. Instead of murder, mayhem, racism, crime and corruption we are having a delightful cookbook for a change! It does look delightful. And of course we are going to be giving one or two away on the day. How can you not want to come and spend the afternoon with us!

Our Author and creator of said gorgeous cookbook is Sarah Graham and the book itself is called “bitten.” …………small b, yes that was not a typo on my part


is a fun, funky, relevant recipe book for twenty- and thirty something’s who love life, love food, love their friends, and love to squeeze the last drop from their time and money.


It is a collection of simple, down-to-earth and healthy, no-mess-no-fuss recipes that almost anyone can cook. A companion of convenience, the blog-themed writing style ensures that the writer / reader relationship is established right off the bat.


bitten. is a quirky cross between a food memoir and a cookbook with un-intimidating recipes.


Besides delicious dishes, bitten. features handy hints for the novice and reluctant cook, cooking and baking tips, and kitchen and baking starter kits. Also included is a useful ‘Meals for a Month’ guide that takes the guesswork out of the eternal question ‘What should I cook tonight?’ Each dish in this nifty guide is complemented with a wine suggestion to help round off the perfect meal.


Sarah Graham loves food and cooking, and believes anyone can cook delicious food. She attended the Chefs Warehouse and Cookery School and started a food blog in May 2010. With just over 60,000 unique visits since its inception, Sarah has received feedback from the US to Australia. As a popular blogger, she has featured on the Getaway Blog and Food24. Sarah is the marketing manager of African Impact, a successful and award-nominated voluntourism / gap-year travel organisation.

Sarah can also be found on twitter @foodieliveshere

So please come and join us for this fun AuthorTalk. As always bring along your two books, one to swap and one to donate and in February next year we will donate the entire collection to Animals In Distress. Please be seated by 13h30 and the author will begin at 2pm or very close to it! (dress warm we are on the patio!)

SECOND AUTHOR TALK!! Sudden big score for us! We have managed to book the ex Springbok Coach Pieter De Villliers and the writer Gavin Rich to come chat to us about Pieter’s autobiography, Politically Incorrect! Alas the only day I could book this is on Thursday 14th of June at 13h30. So sneak out of work, and come have lunch with us. R85 will get you in the door, includes a meaty lunch (we will have a chicken and vegetarian option as well.) AND we are throwing in a free and gratis beer to top the whole event off! How can you miss out! Please book with me so I know how many to cater for! 011 782 5063


 Fetish & Kink Flea Market:

On the 23rd of June we will hold out quarterly market that is not for the faint of heart nor for under 18’s! Our Fetish & Kink Market is really growing nicely, we have some fabulous stores stocking some really “fascinating” items as well some of the more regular things like ladies tights! If nothing else you will see things you have never seen before as well as meet a whole bunch of really amazing people with some very interesting stories to tell! You are encouraged to hang around for a while and enjoy coffee and cake with us or order a meal off the menu. There will be a fire burning brightly in the parking lot to keep you warm once the afternoon sets in, the heaters will be on and the market after this one will only be in another 3 months time, so you REALLY don’t want to miss this one!

2-5pm if you are brave enough! I am hoping that the authors of the Lolly Jackson Book will also join us on the day with some copies of their book for sale and also to add a little more colour to our already exciting event!


Future News:

Just a quick heads up about events happening over the next few months. A very exciting thing, well for me at least, was an invitation from Jenny Crwys-Williams to take part in the Bloody Book Week Events the runs. I have requested a few really interesting people and a couple of very well known international authors to grace our doors and regale you with their bloody tales!  So that is very, very exciting but only happens at the beginning of August so hold onto your hats for now.  In July we have our annual Christmas in July lunch on about the 29th. I think for once this doesn’t actually clash with the 702 Walk the Talk so traffic won’t be so hectic and the roads easier to navigate to here!  On the 14th of July I am going to attempt a “French “ style meal to tie in with Bastille Day, the day that commemorates the storming of the famous prison, the Bastille in Paris during the French Revolution. This meal in conjunction with an AuthorTalk should make for a really fun event! Justin Glanvill is coming in at the end of July to talk South African rocks and minerals, with a bit on fracking and in August we are having a “RHINO” talk with some fabulous rhino ceramics on sale; proceeds of which with go towards saving the rhino. So great happenings are afoot, don’t miss outJ


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