passing through your life…………

People are amazing creatures. They come in all shapes and sizes, short, tall, fat, or is chubby more politically correct these days? Tall, dark and handsome works quite well for me, but then I digress a little.

I meet huge numbers of people, new faces every day, some faces you see on a regular basis in the traffic, you pass the postman, the man you smile shyly at as you  pass with your cumbersome trolley in the supermarket or the lady  behind the bread counter who puts up with you whilst you chop and change your mind about rye bread or whole wheat, and if you lucky each of this beings passing instantly through your life will add value in one way or another. Maybe it is just a smile to brighten up your day, maybe you chat for a few moments, maybe you run over someones heel with that over loaded trolley and have to grovel for forgiveness but each one of these people adds from and  infinitesimal amount to something more gargantuan to your life.

Not heeding my mums advice I have always chatted to strangers. It is a good way to make friends I find or just get get laid occasionally. I made eye contact with a man in a supermarket once. I found him outside the door after I had done my shopping, we chatted for 5 minutes then went home and shagged. He wasn’t the greatest shag in the world (I have a little experience on the subject) but he made for interesting memories. What does picking up and man in a supermarket and shagging him make me? A slag maybe in your mind. But no, to my  mind it makes me an opportunist!

So because I have made friends with the butcher lady, who is as wacky as I am if not more. I know from my intermittent 5 minute chats that she is divorced, has a teenage son, works longgggggggggg hours, and has the bosses twenty something year old daughter hitting on her every day! I think the bosses daughter has good taste but the lady in question is straight so she is definitely barking up the wrong haunch of beefess.

Another being who has made a lasting impression on me in the car guard at one of the other supermarkets I go to. He is an older guy, thin, austere looking, Indian from Durban whose wife died suddenly about 18 months ago after about 30 years of marriage. Apart from looking sad for a time after she passed away he has ALWAYS had a smile on his face and something nice to say. I am always made aware of up coming specials and which is the best manager in the store to ask for favours (don’t ask! Just sometimes a girl needs something more from her favourite super store). He makes shopping such a pleasure that I always over tip with which ever note pops out my pocket first……………needless to say now you know why I don’t shop there so often, it’s costing me a fortune in tips!

I have to tell you about some of my clients who have made my day, driven me insane, angered me beyond belief, become friends, become good friends, become close friends and those who have passed from this mortal state of being into the next but that is for another day or four……………..


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