getting started!

I registered this blog a few weeks ago, with great intentions of diving in head long and writing load of fun and wickedly useless things in it, however once I had registered the name and all I went into brain freeze and lost the confidence to write away. So here I am today, finally,  beginning a whole new chapter in my life!

Business is a funny thing. I am a workaholic of note, spending 12 hours a day at work 6 days a week and sometimes having to come to work on Sundays as well. Saturday is a regular working day in my  life and very seldom do I take off and leave my staff to manage in my absence. However the FIFA World Cup came along and I was given a chance by a friend to pop down to Cape Town for the week-end to watch that incredible match between Germany and Argentina.  So I took the week-end off, working till 4pm on Friday and catching a late flight down to CT, a great week-end was in store for me. What could possibly go wronggggggggggggg.

My money was on Argentina, guess choosing a winning team is not within my realm of abilities!  Poor things were taken to the cleaners by the Germans, no disputing they were the better team in this instance! Anyway……….  I digress………..

Where was I? Okay so I know my staff can cope, they have before, my shop is in good hands! The two previous Saturdays business had been on the quiet side and we had mostly twiddled our thumbs and bowed down gracefully when customers ventured in. So it was a pretty good bet that business would be its slow sluggish self while I watched the soccer massacre in action, calm and relaxed int he face of my staff managing very well without me looking over their shoulders. What did I say about betting on the wrong team!

My poor staff didn’t know what had hit them. Everyone one in the world, okay a tiny exaggeration, almost everyone in the world, the rest of us were in Cape Town, decided to come to come for breakfast and all at the same time.  All hell descended on Indulgence in one shot. They were breaking down the doors to get in, queueing for a table at the best little coffee shop in Jo’burg, for the best breakfast in town and then they were bashing down the doors to get out as they couldn’t get tables and they couldn’t get served and of course there wasn’t a manager in sight to make sure things were running smoothly, or smooth out ruffled feathers. And what could I do besides stare helplessly at the cell phone in my hand and think shit, how do I help them from here? Damn, nothing I can do about it from CT best not to dwell on the disaster taking place in Jo’burg and enjoy the winter sunshine in Cape Town, the World Cup energy and the bright shiny prospect of Argentina squashing Germany to a pulp…………………….yeah right I went to CT while old Murphy was in town!

And of course now that I am back in Jo’burg donning my bosses hat again, ready to take on the masses that are venturing in for breakfast this week-end I am wondering where are the masses today….of couse………watching South Africa take on the All Blacks in the start of the Tri Nations rugby! Hello Murphy my old friend!